• Pick your head up.

    We all think to our selves what if I did this? Why is this going on? when there is a will there is a way. Yes that played out saying, "When there ...
  • Spartan Super Bowl 53 challenge

    1st congratulations to the Chiefs! 2nd.. Spartans what is your profession? AROO! AROO! AROO! Yall want the stats. Here they are get to completing ...
  • Building a story brand By Donald Miller NOTES

    Building a story brand By Donald Miller. Chapter 1: The key to being seen heard and understood The first Mistake brands make as they fail to focus ...
  • Instagram Marketing

    Now that you’ve identified your target market you’ll need to craft a message that reaches and speaks to that market while reinforcing your brand identity. It not only explains what you have to offer, why you’re different, and why anyone should buy from you, but it should communicate the promise you’re making the customer. This promise speaks to the integrity of your business.
  • The 30 Money Challenge

    You have dreams. You are going to make a difference in people’s life’s. because you work for it. You Just feel like God has me for something more in store for you.

    1. Give generously 2. Save wisely 3.Live appropriately. It is that simple.

    30 day Money Challenge:

    1. Spend time in prayer. Pray that God will give you the courage to have the discussion that need to take place and to make the decision that need to be made. Pray thaazt God will show you where you can be generous.
  • Money Rules.

    How would you describe your relationship with money?

    Personal Finance is more personal than it is finance: you have to make the decisions that are right for you- but also correct for your family. Whatever personal choices you make, make them thoughtfully and with a plan on how to get from here to there.

  • Learning what #GGGent_Life is.

    Notes #GGGent_Life God-Goals-Greatness Provide. Big Facts Vision w/ goals = When I have full control over my time and money that is partially what ...
  • Passion on fire.

    Start executing your ideas. Doing this, you will begin to find where you fit in, what your voice will bring to the table. Enjoy this make sure you are doing this for you or else it just won’t work right. At this point money should be in the back of your mind not your primary objective. Starting off into the world of entrepreneurship with your passion should start off as a hobby that turns into a full-time gig.

    Describe your business to yourself .

    All good business plans have two major goals.

    1. Describing the fundamentals of the business idea.
    2. To provide financial calculations to show it will profit.

    When making your plan build confidence in your business idea, that confidence will carry your through the hard times. You do this by

  • What is the long game?

    1.What is the long game?: This is as far as I thought and this may be my problem right now. Long game for me right now is to Stack a million dollar...
  • The self made millionaire next door

    Where do you stand along the wealth continuum? If you are in the top quartile for wealth accumulation, you are a PAW, or prodigious accumulator of wealth. If you are in the bottom quartile, you are a UAW, or under accumulator of wealth. Are you a PAW, a UAW, or just an AAW (average accumulator of wealth)?
  • Remember ideas alone are worthless

    Cherish your idea if you believe that it has the potential to bring you happiness and or others, run with that idea take it to the ends of the world. Do not be nervous about being judged. People are going to think you are weird and that is because you are getting out of your comfort zone. YA you are going to fail. Your idea really might suck!